We attach importance to the health of our guests and employees regarding the Covid-19 virus, which arises in the world and in our country.

Our priority in the Post-COVID-19 process is; is to continue to offer you the privilege to spend your holiday safely and with the comfort of Elexus thanks to our hygiene measures taken in all units of our hotel and our trained personnel in this field. Currently, our hotel is regularly inspected by international hygiene and food safety inspection firm ISIS (International Safety Inspection Services) experts.

As a result of the inspections performed, we have internationally recognized certificates and hygiene procedures in the classes of Food Safety, Water Safety, SPA, and Bath Safety, Housekeeping Hygiene Practices. All our procedures have been renewed since the first day when news about the Covid-19 virus was announced to the public. We closely follow all developments through the World Health Organization, TRNC Ministry of Health, and TR Ministry of Health.


Considering the publications, explanations, and circulars mentioned below, we have taken all necessary hygiene and sanitation measures.

• World Health Organization's (WHO) publication titled “Operational Issues for Covid-19 Management” for the Hospitality Industry

• Statements of the TRNC Ministry of Health and up-to-date precautionary practices

• KITOB “Covid-19 Hygiene and Prevention Decisions”

• TR Ministry of Health '' Scientific Committee's explanations and recommendations ''

• “Covid-19 Management Guide in Hospitality Facilities” and “Controlled Normalization Process Circular in Hospitality Facilities” of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

• TÜROFED “Covid-19 Hygiene and Prevention Decisions”


With reference to the resources mentioned above, we have meticulously implemented our precautions against Covid-19 virus in all general areas and children's areas of our esteemed guests, as well as in our working areas, and we continue to apply frequently.

Moreover, we are in close contact with the “Pandemic Crisis Management Unit” that we have established at the beginning of the pandemic and all our management staff, and all national and international institutions and organizations, and we closely follow the agenda and developments.

The precautions we have taken according to new situations emerged; we develop and update our action plans accordingly to ensure the safety and health of our guests and employees.

In this process, we would like to express our sincere thanks to our employees, who have made an extraordinary dedication to adapt our hotel as well as themselves to new conditions.

In order to make you live your dream holiday in a safe and hygienic environment, we have reorganized our hotel in 100% compliance with hygiene and sanitation measures within the framework of the “Covid-19 Certification Program” determined by the TRNC Ministry of Tourism and Environment. We are happy to announce that our hotel is ready to welcome our esteemed guests and to come together again.

We have taken all the necessary health measures to make you live your dream vacation in the enchanting nature of Cyprus. The way we provide services may have changed with the precautions we have taken, but the satisfaction of serving you at Elexus and the beautiful holiday feelings you missed have never changed.

Today, we are waiting for you to experience and feel all its beauty again in your every moment.


Elexus Healthy Holiday Manifest

Please click to view our Covid- 19 Manifest